Patriots & Pedophiles: Patriot Prayer & Their Nazi Sex Offender Allies

On October 15, 2017,  Joey Gibson and his Patriot Prayer group had yet another rally, this time in Salem, Oregon at the State Capitol. It was the typical ego stroking type rally we have come to see with Joey Gibson, speeches, and some anti-ANTIFA  rhetoric, including an anti-ANTIFA  song, and a few Nazis with flags. Gibson has never been able to find the courage, or the will, to remove the Nazis from his rallies. Instead, he pushes his fighting forces to attack antifascists who are ready to confront the Nazis. Gibson allows the Nazis in and protects them after some “wink-wink nod-nod words” about how he “doesn’t support them.”

For instance on June 4, 2017, just days after the MAX attack that left two dead, Gibson hosted Tim Gionet aka “Baked Alaska,” as a speaker at his “free speech” rally.

Prior to the rally, local antifascists publicly exposed “Baked Alaska”, showing proof that he was a Nazi. Joey Gibson feigned ignorance and called the accusations ANTIFA lies.  A few months later on Tuesday September 12, 2017, Gibson went on an Oregon Public Broadcasting talk show where he admitted that Baked Alaska was a Nazi and a terrible person. NO SHIT JOEY!

At the Salem rally on October 15th there was no shortage of neo-Nazis in attendance, though there was a shortage of overall attendees (Ed: You can almost hear them shouting ‘There are tens of us! Tens!!!’).
Participating in this rally were two known Nazis that we’d like to direct your attention to: Mike Gainer and Jarl Rockhill….

Mike Gainer (a pseudonym no doubt) is a regular at Joey Gibson’s events, as was earlier reported on by our friends at Rose City Antifa.
Gainer has been seen at rallies in the past wearing a RWSS helmet (an 8-chan derived “Right Wing Safety Squad” meme that attempts Hitler’s Schutzstaffel (SS) paramilitary death squads), attacking antifascists and sieg heiling the crowd.


Pictured above: “Mike Gainer” (Left) wearing a green Trump hat, accompanied by his neo-Nazi associates

“Mike Gainer” at Joey Gibson’s rally 8-13-17 wearing an RWSS helmet.

Jarl Judson Rockhill of West Linn, Oregon (DOB: 3-23-1987)–who has been reported on by Rose City Antifa, Eugene Antifa, and the PNW AWC previouslyi–is a self-described White Nationalist who has also been seen sieg heiling and yelling “white power!” at past rallies (then running away). Jarl Rockhill was charged with Sexual Abuse in the First Degree in 2002, and with Using a Child in a Display of Sexually Explicit conduct in 2003.   He is registered as a sex offender as of 1-7-10.

Tusitala “Tiny” Toese shaking Jarl’s hand directly after being told of his White Nationalist and sex offender status. Believe us now?

Now It seems that Joey Gibson and his Patriot Prayer group–who is not at all concerned with running white supremacists out of their rallies–also does not seem to have an issue with known pedophiles’ presence.

Local Salem area antifascists confronted Jarl Rockhill at the Sunday event, and Rockhill proceeded to lie about his name while being interviewed, claiming that his name was “John.” After being told by local area antifascists that Rockhill is both a Nazi and a sex offender, Tusitala “Tiny” Toese from Patriot Prayer felt compelled to shake Rockhill’s hand…several times…after multiple warnings. Apparently, it doesn’t matter how horrific a person is to Patriot Prayer so long as they are anti-ANTIFA  and they wave the flag of fair-weather fascism.

Jarl Judson’s Clackamas County Case# Clackamasrockhilljudson1987

Jarl Judson’s public date of registration as a sex offender.

In addition to Rockhill’s Sex offender status, his white supremacy was not being hidden at the rally in Salem: This “Ginfaxi” tattoo in the form of a swastika was in plain view as well,  and pointed out by antifascists to both Toese and Gibson.

Jarl also has a tattoo of a ‘Sonnenrad’, commonly referred to as a “black sun”, on his right forearm. This is another symbol white supremacists have begun to use more frequently. Yet Patriot Prayer leadership still felt compelled to go out of their way to make Rockhill feel welcome.

Jarl Judson’s modified swastika tattoo

Jarl Rockhill can also be found on Twitter as “Scott Ryder”, under the Twitter handle @kitamisensei.
At first, he seems quite innocent, professing to be a local “Brony” (My Little Pony fan)…which is totally OK Jarl, no judgement!! MLP is actually pretty rad these days.

However, when you look deeper into the Twitter account, you begin to find Sandy Hook conspiracy tweets and tweets saying that undocumented workers should be put into work camps (see “death camps”)–like any Nazi would say.

Below, Rockhill can be seen wearing a “SIEGE” hat, which is the title of a book advocating white supremacist violence written by James Mason, an American National Socialist. The “Siege” hat, and the book itself serve as dog whistles to white supremacists.
This indicates that Rockhill may be associated with the neo-Nazi “Atomwaffen Division”, or he at least has an affinity for the group. Despite being a sex-offender, and already convicted once of being a felon in possession of a firearm, Rockhill continues to show his affinity for firearms by donning a gun on the front of his Nazi hat.

Jarl Judson/Jarl Rockhill at Partriot Prayer rally.

Jarl Judson/Jarl Rockhill at Partriot Prayer rally.

At past rallies, Rockhill has shown up in full armor and joined in attacks against antifascists. Below is a picture taken at a previous rally where Rockhill appears to be holding what looks like a gun in plain view at the Portland’s Waterfront Park.

Given Rockhill’s  background as a sex offender, a Nazi, and a conspiracy theorist who appears to bring guns to rallies, we wonder if he’ll be the next person from Joey Gibson’s rallies to go on a murder spree?
We should consider Jarl Judson Rockhill to be armed, dangerous, and very unstable.

NOTE: Jarl Rockhill and “Mike Gainer” had other associates with them on Sunday, 10/15/2017 at Salem. Please email us with any information you may have on these Nazis.

Jarl Judson/Jarl Rockhill what appears to be a gun.


Jarl Judson/Jarl Rockhill looking unstable AF!









Jarl Rockhill’s associates.





If you have any further information regarding Jarl Rockhill, Mike Gainer, or their associates, please contact Pacific Northwest Anti-Fascist Workers Collective at or Eugene Antifa at