[Updated] Help Victims of White Nationalist Violence

On Sunday, August 6, 2017, radicalized alt-right, white nationalists rallied in Portland, Oregon with the intent to spread hateful rhetoric and assault community advocates for equity and justice. During the rally, several activists were targeted and assaulted resulting in numerous injuries including: concussions, facial fractures, a dislocated knee, and multiple lacerations and contusions of varying severity. The goal of this fundraiser is to assist in medical and health costs incurred by the victims. Monies raised will go towards covering the costs of ambulance use, emergency room visits, CAT scans & x-rays, surgery, prescriptions, and any additional needed treatment and costs including physical therapy. Thank you for supporting those who often risk their own safety as they confront creeping fascism in effort to secure a racist and fascist free future. An injury to one is an injury to all!

Funded Justice Donations Page

FundRazr Donations Page

Rally.org Donations Page

Our statement on Jeremy Christian and what you can do to help the 5/26 heroes

No words can do justice to the shock and horror we all feel towards the slayings of 5/26. Our hearts go out to the two selfless heroes who lost their lives, and to the third who was nearly fatally wounded. All of whom, in a single decisive moment, laid their lives on the line in order to make a stand against hatred and white supremacy in our community.

As for the assailant, he is a monster and a terrorist. His only motive was his toxic hatred, which has caused untold suffering to the families and loved ones of those he so brazenly murdered.

We should take a moment to also remember that he is not a one-off aberration, but rather a member of a hardcore coalition representing only the most repugnant, backward values; which happily resorts to horrifying violence in order to realize those values.

As a community, we cannot let our guard down.  Louis Brandeis said that sunlight is the best disinfectant, and the only way to disinfect our community from hate is to bring it to light .

Therefore, in light of this tragic event, the PNWAWC reaffirms its commitment to outing and exposing those elements in our community who would do harm to innocent people because of their race, religion, gender, sexual orientation or ethnicity.

In Solidarity,


PS – Please consider making a contribution to one of the fundraising efforts below. All proceeds will go to the families of the heroes of 5/26. We do not have any ties to them, but we are confident in their intent.  Thank you.

Muslims Unite for Portland Heroes

Tri-Met Hero Recovery

Girls Who Survived The MAX attack

Tri-Met Heroes

[UPDATED Link Fixed] Help Support Comrades Arrested 4/2 Fighting Trump

On Sunday, April 2nd, comrades from Olympia Antifa were arrested in an anti-Trump counter-demonstration in Vancouver, WA. They are currently being held on $4,500 bail at the Clark County Jail, and desperately need funds to secure their release.
All arrestees have been detained on non-violent misdemeanor charges, and the reason for the exorbitant cost of the bond may be partially the fault of the local bail bonds company, whose ownership itself appears to be comprised of unapologetic Trump Supporters and white nationalists.

The fundraising page is located at here. Any amount will be very much appreciated.

In solidarity,

Miss. Klan Leader Steven Howard spreading hate in Portland, OR area

Local Klan leaders Steven and Kimberly Howard (née Finstad). Currently employed with Comcast Contractors

Steven and Kimberly Howard:

Fairway Village Golf Course
3004 SE Balboa Drive
Vancouver, WA 98683


Steven’s Employer: Comcast Contractors

When a self-proclaimed “celebrity” for the KKK moves to the Pacific Northwest and thinks he’s going to start a Washington Chapter of the Klan what you gonna do? Bust him of course.

Steven Shane Howard, formerly of Tupelo, Mississippi now resides at 3004 SE Balboa Drive Vancouver, WA 98683 inside Fairway Village Golf Course (360-254-9325) in a home owned by Donald and Elise Schmidt. Steven moved to the area to marry his now wife, Kimberly (Finstad) Howard, who is also…. Surprise, surprise…. A White Supremacist (and lives at the same address).

Ray Schneider, Klan Member. Employed at Bowflex/Nautilus in Vancouver, WA


While they have attended rallies together elsewhere (Pennsylvania), the March 4th Lake Oswego Trump rally was their first attempt at “coming out” here in the PNW. Flanked by their good friend Raymond Schneider (Washougal, WA), Steven and Kimberly attempted to spread their hate to the general public.

Steven was to be featured in the upcoming (now cancelled) TV show, Generation KKK and can be found in YouTube videos and articles with a simple search.

All three should be assumed armed and have a propensity for violence.