Jacob Nathaniel Palasek: Grand Rapids MI, Computer Repair Nazi

Jacob Nathaniel Palasek is a 44-year-old computer repair technician in Grand Rapids Michigan. Jacob is a self-professed member of the American Nazi Party. Lately, Jacob has been seeking out anti-racist activists to threaten them while professing to be a Neo-Nazi. TW: racist homophobic language.

Jacob Nathaniel Palasek’s FB page.
Racist messenger post
Racist messenger post


It appears that Jacob has been a known white supremacist in Grand Rapids for quite some time. Below is an article written to a white power blog site about an alleged ass whooping this ridiculous Nazi claims to have sustained. Maybe next time Jacob will jump in the dumpster instead of cowering behind it.

Article on a WP website about and alleged ass whooping that Jacob sustained. That happens, bud.

What is very concerning about Jacob Palasek is that he appears to own a computer repair company called Compudoc. This gives him access not only to customers’ potential address and billing info, but also access to nearly everything his customers have saved to their computers. Neo-Nazis should not have access to unsuspecting people that could be their potential targets.

Homepage screenshot from Jacob Palasek’s computer repair business, Compudoc
Information on Jacob’s business with the State of Michigan. It doesn’t appear to have been renewed.

Jacob’s Compudoc Yelp page can be found here. Feel free to let Jacob’s potential customers know that he is a racist, homophobic Neo-Nazi.

Jacob Palasek also runs another Business with the same logo and same basic name. His second business is called Mathdoc and through it he serves as a math tutor, also for customers that are likely not aware of his Racist and homophobic views. Mathdoc can be found here and they appear to have a google reviews option tab.

Mathdoc, providing Nazi led math tutoring.