Spotlight on Stacy “Leebelle” Hoffman: Mortuary Student, Neo-Nazi Recruiter, All-Around Monster

Stacy at a National Socialist Movement (NSM) anti-immigrant rally in 2013

What to say about Stacy that isn’t mentioned in the title?

While the interest in Mortuary Science gives her that oh-so-Portland off-kilter charm [We should note: Mortuary Science is indeed an honorable profession], that’s not really what sets Stacy apart….

No, what makes Stacy different is that she is an unapologetic member of the National Socialist Movement! A group which  SPLC’s reports is one the largest Neo-Nazi organization in the country.

Furthermore, Stacy is not content to be just another rank-and-file Nazi goon (although the pictures show her doing that with her lady pals too). No, Stacy is also a youth recruiter for the NSM–and has been since at least 2013.

Stacy Leebelle Hoffman, Nazi Activist

Now, you might want to challenge us and say: “Sure guys, but aren’t they just a bunch of harmless cranks that hang out in the backwoods burning Nordic totems and getting hammered?”

First:  NO. But thank you for thinking critically and questioning what you read!

Second: HELL NO! The NSM counts among its ranks some of the most hardened and actively violent racist psychopaths this side of the original Nazis. Just keep reading…

Let’s review the characters in the photo above:

First, there is failed Nazi town founder Craig Cobb: For those of you who have been hiding under a rock, Craig is probably most notable for trying to take over the city of Leith, North Dakota between 2012-2014, in order to turn the small town into a white homeland. If this is all news to you, we highly recommend that you check out the Frontline documentary Welcome to Leith, which is available on Netflix.

But civic aspirations aside, Cobb also either directly orchestrated, or was key in the orchestration of doxxing federal judge Joan Lefkow, AND likely helped coordinate the murder of her entire immediate family via said doxxing.

Stacy Leebelle Hoffman, giving a Seig Heil along with her lady-pals at a swastika burning.

But that’s not Stacy’s only dangerous Nazi pal. Let’s discuss Jimmy Marr: He’s a Eugene, OR based Nazi troll who gleefully takes wayward youth under his wing to groom them for acts of racist violence. He also plays bagpipes for some reason…probably because he’s a sadist.

Jimmy Marr has been a presence in the Nazi world since at least Ruby Ridge in 1993, and is a bit of an old-school frothing anti-semite. He loves to mould young minds and inspire them to violence while keeping his own hands clean. Jimmy has been able avoid any direct complicity in the eyes of the law in sundry atrocious acts, and yet there he is standing next to Craig Cobb and Stacy Hoffman.

Standing behind Stacy can be seen none other than Jeff Schoep, national leader and “Commander” of the National Socialist Movement, the largest organized Nazi group in the USA. Jay has a long and storied history, including burglary, attempting to start race-riots, and explicitly advocating the recruiting children to his movement.



To Stacy’s left, holding the flag, is Kynan Dutton. You might also recognize him as Cobb’s toady/sidekick from Welcome To Leith.
Though Kynan’s hands aren’t as bloody as Craig Cobb’s, don’t let that fool you; he was jailed on terrorizing charges for his role in…well…terrorizing the population of Leith because he was the one willing to do Craig Cobb’s dirty work. He is currently known to reside in Pendleton, Oregon, and works as the NSM’s designated recruiter for the entire state.

Finally we come back to none other than Stacy herself, holding up the Nationalist Socialist Movement’s flag, and proudly beaming at the camera.

Stacy is currently afflicting Portland’s East Side with her presence. She is known to attend the SE 82nd Ave branch of Portland Community College. She has also been observed flyering for the NSM, and going on runs to tear down stickers and posters explicitly decrying racism and bigotry.

Stacy Hoffman taking down anti-racist stickers near PCC’s SE 82nd campus.

Given that she is the Youth Recruiter for a group which explicitly stated that it has no qualms about grooming children for hate and violence, she should be considered a toxic presence within our community, and should be made to feel unwelcome. If you see her, please take photos, videos, address info–or document any information related to her whereabouts, and send them to:

Let her know that she is unwelcome here, and that she will not be allowed to infect our community–and especially our children– with her twisted Nazi politics.