Miss. Klan Leader Steven Howard spreading hate in Portland, OR area

Local Klan leaders Steven and Kimberly Howard (née Finstad). Currently employed with Comcast Contractors

Steven and Kimberly Howard:

Fairway Village Golf Course
3004 SE Balboa Drive
Vancouver, WA 98683


Steven’s Employer: Comcast Contractors

When a self-proclaimed “celebrity” for the KKK moves to the Pacific Northwest and thinks he’s going to start a Washington Chapter of the Klan what you gonna do? Bust him of course.

Steven Shane Howard, formerly of Tupelo, Mississippi now resides at 3004 SE Balboa Drive Vancouver, WA 98683 inside Fairway Village Golf Course (360-254-9325) in a home owned by Donald and Elise Schmidt. Steven moved to the area to marry his now wife, Kimberly (Finstad) Howard, who is also…. Surprise, surprise…. A White Supremacist (and lives at the same address).

Ray Schneider, Klan Member. Employed at Bowflex/Nautilus in Vancouver, WA


While they have attended rallies together elsewhere (Pennsylvania), the March 4th Lake Oswego Trump rally was their first attempt at “coming out” here in the PNW. Flanked by their good friend Raymond Schneider (Washougal, WA), Steven and Kimberly attempted to spread their hate to the general public.

Steven was to be featured in the upcoming (now cancelled) TV show, Generation KKK and can be found in YouTube videos and articles with a simple search.

All three should be assumed armed and have a propensity for violence.