Spotlight on Stacy “Leebelle” Hoffman: Mortuary Student, Neo-Nazi Recruiter, All-Around Monster

Stacy at a National Socialist Movement (NSM) anti-immigrant rally in 2013

What to say about Stacy that isn’t mentioned in the title?

While the interest in Mortuary Science gives her that oh-so-Portland off-kilter charm [We should note: Mortuary Science is indeed an honorable profession], that’s not really what sets Stacy apart….

No, what makes Stacy different is that she is an unapologetic member of the National Socialist Movement! A group which  SPLC’s reports is one the largest Neo-Nazi organization in the country.

Furthermore, Stacy is not content to be just another rank-and-file Nazi goon (although the pictures show her doing that with her lady pals too). No, Stacy is also a youth recruiter for the NSM–and has been since at least 2013.

Stacy Leebelle Hoffman, Nazi Activist

Now, you might want to challenge us and say: “Sure guys, but aren’t they just a bunch of harmless cranks that hang out in the backwoods burning Nordic totems and getting hammered?”

First:  NO. But thank you for thinking critically and questioning what you read!

Second: HELL NO! The NSM counts among its ranks some of the most hardened and actively violent racist psychopaths this side of the original Nazis. Just keep reading…

Let’s review the characters in the photo above:

First, there is failed Nazi town founder Craig Cobb: For those of you who have been hiding under a rock, Craig is probably most notable for trying to take over the city of Leith, North Dakota between 2012-2014, in order to turn the small town into a white homeland. If this is all news to you, we highly recommend that you check out the Frontline documentary Welcome to Leith, which is available on Netflix.

But civic aspirations aside, Cobb also either directly orchestrated, or was key in the orchestration of doxxing federal judge Joan Lefkow, AND likely helped coordinate the murder of her entire immediate family via said doxxing.

Stacy Leebelle Hoffman, giving a Seig Heil along with her lady-pals at a swastika burning.

But that’s not Stacy’s only dangerous Nazi pal. Let’s discuss Jimmy Marr: He’s a Eugene, OR based Nazi troll who gleefully takes wayward youth under his wing to groom them for acts of racist violence. He also plays bagpipes for some reason…probably because he’s a sadist.

Jimmy Marr has been a presence in the Nazi world since at least Ruby Ridge in 1993, and is a bit of an old-school frothing anti-semite. He loves to mould young minds and inspire them to violence while keeping his own hands clean. Jimmy has been able avoid any direct complicity in the eyes of the law in sundry atrocious acts, and yet there he is standing next to Craig Cobb and Stacy Hoffman.

Standing behind Stacy can be seen none other than Jeff Schoep, national leader and “Commander” of the National Socialist Movement, the largest organized Nazi group in the USA. Jay has a long and storied history, including burglary, attempting to start race-riots, and explicitly advocating the recruiting children to his movement.



To Stacy’s left, holding the flag, is Kynan Dutton. You might also recognize him as Cobb’s toady/sidekick from Welcome To Leith.
Though Kynan’s hands aren’t as bloody as Craig Cobb’s, don’t let that fool you; he was jailed on terrorizing charges for his role in…well…terrorizing the population of Leith because he was the one willing to do Craig Cobb’s dirty work. He is currently known to reside in Pendleton, Oregon, and works as the NSM’s designated recruiter for the entire state.

Finally we come back to none other than Stacy herself, holding up the Nationalist Socialist Movement’s flag, and proudly beaming at the camera.

Stacy is currently afflicting Portland’s East Side with her presence. She is known to attend the SE 82nd Ave branch of Portland Community College. She has also been observed flyering for the NSM, and going on runs to tear down stickers and posters explicitly decrying racism and bigotry.

Stacy Hoffman taking down anti-racist stickers near PCC’s SE 82nd campus.

Given that she is the Youth Recruiter for a group which explicitly stated that it has no qualms about grooming children for hate and violence, she should be considered a toxic presence within our community, and should be made to feel unwelcome. If you see her, please take photos, videos, address info–or document any information related to her whereabouts, and send them to:

Let her know that she is unwelcome here, and that she will not be allowed to infect our community–and especially our children– with her twisted Nazi politics.


Spotlight On American Front: Where Violence, Nazism, and Familial Criminality Collide

Who Is The American Front?

American Front (AF) is one of the longest, continually running, white supremacist groups in the United States.  AF came to be in 1984, and was founded by Bob Heick. During the early years, Bob Heick worked with Tom Metzger, the leader of White Aryan Resistance (WAR).  Metzger was later sued in a groundbreaking law suit for his involvement with East Side White Pride (ESWP) leading up to the brutal murder of Mulugeta Seraw in Portland, Oregon.

Boyd Rice (L) Pictured with Bob Heick (R)

In 1990, Bob Heick relocated to Portland, Oregon, and began recruiting for American Front. American Front became one of the larger white power groups in Portland, and their membership at one time included Randy Krager, who later went on to form the white power group Volksfront. Bob Heick reportedly left the group in 1995, and it has had unstable membership since then.

Notable known members from the area, from the 90’s are Randy Krager of Portland, now relocated elsewhere, and Steve Shallenberger of Eugene.  Shallenberger is now very active in the far-right patriot movement and has been regularly seen attending Joey Gibson’s (Patriot Prayer) far right rallies. Steve Shallenberger, who was known to be very active in passing out AF literature in the 90’s, almost lost his ear when he challenged a member of the Anti-Racist Action (ARA) to a one-on-one fight during a confrontation.  Steve obviously lost the fight, but amazingly (barely) kept his ear.

Ask him about it next time you see him at a rally, it’s a great story we’d love to keep reminding him about!

Steve Shallenberger Tries to Go Legit

Steve “One-Ear” Shallenberger (left) and Thorfin Odinson (right), both well-known white supremacists pictured while attending a Patriot Prayer rally

After moving from Portland to Eugene, Steve Shallenberger somehow managed to blend into the community. He infiltrated The Boreal, a grassroots all-ages punk rock and antifascist venue where he became the “Community Outreach Coordinator.” He also currently serves as the president and vice president of the Oregon Herpetological Society. Shallenberger lives in the West Eugene, Barger area and can be seen frequenting alt-right rallies in Salem with Joey Nations, and in Portland with Joey Gibson. At a recent Portland rally, Shallenberger was seen punching protesters and kicking activists in the head.

The Front Fizzles…For A Little While

(Left: Kip Beebe; Right: Steve Shallenberger) At a recent Portland Waterfront rally where Shallenberger was caught on video punching activists and kicking protesters in the head.

After Bob Heick’s departure from American Front and Portland, AF fizzled out in Oregon and other groups such as Volksfront formed and largely replaced AF.  Florida and California remained very active for the small remaining factions of American Front. On May 5th, 2012, ten members of the Florida branch of American Front were arrested and charged with paramilitary training, and shooting into an occupied building. On November 12th of that same year, Marcus Faella was convicted for his part in attempting to incite a race war and sentenced to only 6 months. Marcus Faella hired Florida attorney (and known white nationalist) Augustus Sol Invictus to appeal his conviction.

Augustus Invictus, Jake Laskey And Their Connection To American Front

Austin Gillespie aka Augustus Sol Invictus aka Romulus Augustulus

Augustus Sol Invictus (who’s real name is Austin Gillespie, but he thinks Augustus sounds cooler) has been tied to American Front in more ways than just legal representation, as well as other known fascist organizations such as Operation Werewolf and the Wolves of Vinland.  Invictus has visited Portland in the past, and Jake Laskey seems like quite the fanboy by the following conversations:

Jake Laskey of American Front pledging security support to Augustus Invictus
Jake Laskey of American Front pledging security support to Augustus Invictus

On October 13th, 2015, Jacob Laskey was released from prison after eleven years, where he was incarcerated for an attack on the Temple Beth Israel Synagogue in Eugene, Oregon.  Part of his conviction also included being a felon in possession of a weapon, trying to arrange to have witnesses in his case killed, and calling in bomb threats to the courthouse where he was being tried. Laskey, in the past, was involved with both the American Front and then later, Volksfront. Shortly after Laskey’s release in 2015, there was a resurgence of the American Front in the Medford and Eugene areas. Most of the local American Front activity has taken the form of networking with other racist and white nationalist groups like the PNW Wolfpack/Hammerskins in Olympia, WA. The members act as local bullies and harass local business owners while, themselves, trying to make a buck off their AF apparel line, shoddy books, and cheap cosplay grade weaponry through regional gun and knife shows and the “armory” in Creswell, Oregon.

Jake Laskey and his Ram truck with Trump bumper sticker and Oregon license plate number 613DYD parked outside of Wolfclan Armory.
Jake Laskey handling Weapons

Jake Laskey is recently married to his longtime girlfriend Amanda. They live in Creswell in a Laskey family home.  Jake can often be seen at local MMA competitions. He is a big fan of Jimmy Jennett who owns Checkered Past MMA, and can be seen in recent videos on Wolfclan Armory’s YouTube channel wearing the t-shirt while threatening antifascist activists. Jimmy Jennett has failed to call out his white supremacist fans including Jake, Cory Colwell, and Devin Wolfe.

American Front And Jimmy Marr

Eugene American Front members are routinely seen with local Springfield Neo-Nazi Jimmy Marr as well as working and hanging out at Wolfclan Armory in Creswell, Oregon.

(Pictured above: Kyle Nelson, Nathan Valdez, Devin Wolfe’s son, unknown, Rhiannon Dark, Amanda Laskey, Devin Wolfe, Jeffrey Thomas, Jake Laskey, unknown, unknown, Judy Marr, Jimmy Marr, unknown, Cory Colwell)
Jimmy and Judy Marr 1321 G Street, Springfield, Oregon 97477

Jimmy Marr, or as he is commonly referred to “Genocide Jimmy,” has recently made connections with the American Front crew. Marr lives on G Street in Springfield, Oregon, and drives around in a truck with racist and white supremacist messages and images. He often banner drops racist messages on overpasses along the I-5 corridor between Medford and Seattle.

The Laskeys And Jake’s Troubled Relationship With Firearms

Wolfclan is owned by Jake Laskey’s parents (Jeanette and Allen Laskey).  Jake and his brother Gabriel (also convicted of the same crime as older brother Jake) often work at the shop.  We’re pretty sure that Jake, as a felon, isn’t allowed around weapons, much less allowed to sell them as a condition of his parole.  One would assume he wouldn’t be allowed to fraternize with neo-Nazis and publish hate speech books due to the nature of the crime he was convicted for.  Jake’s probation officer, Todd, can be reached here: (541) 431-4065.

Left: Jake Laskey/Right members of AF including (left to right) Jeffrey Thomas, unknown, Jimmy Marr, Kyle Nelson, and Nathan Valdez
Above: Jeffrey Thomas (aka Jay Grey)  and Jake Laskey; Below: Jake Laskey advertising Confederate Flags for sale at Wolfclan Armory
Left to Right: Cory Colwell, Jake Laskey and Kyle Nelson








Jake Laskey, standing in front of the family business, Wolfclan Armory. Location: Creswell, OR..

Jeffrey Thomas And  Greystorm Productions, LLC

(Pictured above: David Lynch, left; East Coast American Front organizer who was shot to death in his home in California on March 2, 2011.)

Members of American Front in Oregon recently started a Facebook page called Greystorm Productions, LLC where they sell AF support gear, Dave Lynch memorial shirts, and regularly post videos featuring white power bands. Greystorm Productions, LLC is a legal business entity operating in Oregon.  Greystorm Productions, LLC is registered to Michael McDonald, who is a known associate of Jake Laskey, and a known member of the current incarnation of American Front living in the Coos Bay area.  Interestingly, Greystorm Productions, LLC, is registered to the Portland address 1724 SE Tenino St. Portland, Oregon 97202, as well as the PO Box 82389 Portland, Oregon 97282. The address used for the LLC, 1724 SE Tenino, is also known as The Sellwood Center, a city run Section 8 housing complex. This address also happens to be the address of known American Front member Jeffrey Thomas AKA Jay Gray AKA J Skin, who can be seen daily walking his dog around the property, or grabbing milk at the convenience store down the street, while wearing American Front and Anti-Antifa apparel. Jeffrey’s past affiliations include Nationalist Socialist Movement (NSM), and the Volksfront affiliated “Blood & Honor American Division.”  We wonder if the city of Portland would be happy to know that one of Oregon’s largest white power organizations happens to be running their business selling racist apparel from a city owned Section 8 housing complex. ***Update Jeffrey Thomas is now deceased after taking his own life recently****

American Front Support Patch
Michael McDonald, AF Member of Coos Bay, Oregon (obviously not the singer)



Known American Front Members

Jeffrey Thomas a.k.a. “Jay Grey,” Portland, OR

American Front member, Jeffrey Thomas (pictured on left walking with a friend), can often be seen walking his dog outside The Sellwood Center. The address is his residence as well as the registered address for Greystorm Productions, LLC.
Left: Jeffrey Thomas AKA Jay Gray/J-Skin (pictured in NSM uniform)








Jeffery Thomas (aka “Jay Grey”) (second from Left, black goatee) Location: Portland, Oregon

Jake Laskey, Creswell, OR

Jake Laskey, Holocaust denial books.
Left: Registration with the State of Oregon
Right: Post from Greystorm’s Facebook page featuring a happy customer who purchased Jake Laskey’s book from them (featuring introduction by Jimmy “Genocide” Marr) which included a sticker pack with American Front Supporter stickers and pins. The book denies the Holocaust happened and has been banned from most booksellers, including sites like Amazon.
Left: An American Front program written by Jake Laskey, now banned from
Right: Jeffrey Thomas, Devin Wolfe, and Cory Colwell
Pictured above, Left: Jake Laskey, Center: Unknown, Right: Ronald Malone AKA Orion Wotan PNW Wolfpack/Hammerskins
Pictured above: Jake Laskey with American Front Tattoo
Amanda Laskey (nee Marsh)
Location: Creswell, Oregon

Michael McDonald, Coos Bay, OR

Michael McDonald, Neo Nazi, American Front
Location: Coos Bay, Oregon

Edward Mack, a.k.a. “William Iron,” Vancouver, WA

Left: Edward Mack AKA William Iron (singer for White Power band Ironwill) Location: Vancouver, Washington.
Right: Annabelle Shelnutt
(Girlfriend to Edward Mack)
Location: Vancouver, Washington

Jimmy Marr, Springfield, OR

James L. Marr’s house: 1321 G Street, Springfield, Oregon 97477
James L Marr aka Jimmy Marr
Location: Springfield, Oregon
Birthdate: 2/06/1953
Address: 1321 G Street, Springfield, Oregon 97477
James L Marr aka Jimmy Marr’s inmate file.
Address: 1321 G Street, Springfield, Oregon 97477
















Judy Irene Marr, Springfield, OR

Judy Irene Marr, 1321 G Street, Springfield, Oregon 97477 Phone: (541) 744-0940

Criminal Record: Judy has a substantial criminal record with regard to possession of a controlled substance within a school zone and with tampering with her drug records.

Chad S. a.k.a. “Fashy Chad,” Corvallis, OR

Pictured above Left to Right: Nathan Valdez, “Fashy Chad,” and unknown
Center: Grey Helmet/Flannel Fashy Chad at Joey Gibsons NE 82nd rally.

Chad S., or as he is commonly referred to, “Fashy Chad,” is a neo-Nazi living in a duplex in Corvallis, Oregon. He is frequently seen alongside Jimmy Marr when out making appearances in Marr’s “Nazi-mobile” and while executing banner drops between Eugene and Albany. Chad is a wanna be firearms instructor, but actually isn’t certified or qualified despite his Craig’s List advertising and website promoting. He drives a white pickup truck with Oregon plates. Fashy Chad marched with Joey Gibson’s Patriot Prayer group earlier this year on NE 82nd and was recently spotted seig heiling outside of Jimmy Marr’s house in a Holocaust denial demonstration.

Nathan Valdez, Eugene-Springfield Area, OR

Cory Colwell, West Eugene, OR

Left: Jake Laskey, Cory Colwell, Kevin Ross
Right: Devin Wolfe, Kevin Ross, and Cory Colwell
Cory Colwell, left and his girlfriend Chaunte Meyers aka Katelynn Colwell

Kevin Ross, West Eugene, OR

Cory Colwell, Kevin Ross, Nathan Valdez
Location: West Eugene, Oregon, Barger/Danebo neighborhood
Kevin Ross Nazi Altar, West Eugene, OR
















Kevin Ross aka “Cum Jar Kevin” of American Front showing off some skills?
West Eugene, OR








Rhiannon Dark, Eugene-Springfield Area, OR

Jake Laskey, Rhiannon Dark, Devin Wolfe, Kevin Ross, Eugene, OR
Rhiannon Dark, Eugene-Springfield area

Rhiannon Dark is a day bartender at The Black Forest, a bar located at 50 East 11th Avenue, Eugene, Oregon 97401 (541) 686-6619. She currently lives with her new boyfriend, who goes by the name of “Kyndelw Stiubhart” on Facebook, in Springfield.

Kendall Raymond Stewart,  Springfield, OR

Kendall Raymond Stewart AKA “Kyndelw Stiubhart”.
Left: Before facial tattoos.
Right: After facial tattoos.
Boyfriend of Rhiannon Dark
Location: Springfield, Oregon; University of Oregon at Eugene

Angel Valentine, Eugene, OR

Angel Valentine giving a Nazi tattoo and displaying her own Confederate Flag tattoo. Location: Eugene
Neo-Nazi ally Angel Valentine can be seen walking around downtown Eugene and frequenting bars such as Lucky’s, Horsehead, and Doc’s Pad.

Angel Valentine can be seen walking around downtown Eugene and frequenting bars such as Lucky’s, Horsehead, and Doc’s Pad. She is usually with one or two crust punk guys. She was born in 1995, is from Georgia, and is on friendly terms with the Laskeys and other American Front members and associates.

Devin Wolfe,  Eugene (Santa Clara), OR

Devin Wolfe American Front member and Neo-Nazi
Right: American Front members Devin Wolfe and Cory Colwell
Left: Devin Wolfe and friends. Note Devin is wearing the SS “Tottenkopf” (or Death’s-Head) on his t-shirt.

Kyle Nelson, Salem, OR

Left: Kyle Nelson of Salem, OR; Right: Luke Lawless of Olympia, WA wearing American Front Neo-Nazi garb. Luke is part of the Pacific Northwest Wolfpack and Hammerskins.

American Front Allied Organizations

Pacific Northwest Wolfpack

Pacific Northwest Wolfpack logo

The Pacific Northwest Wolfpack formed in 2016, out of Olympia, Washington, is comprised of mostly old Hammerskins and other independent white nationalists. PNW Wolfpack member Daniel Brett Rowe, aka Bret Thomas of Richland, who recently relocated to Olympia , was arrested in 2016 (awaiting trial) for the stabbing of an inter-racial couple in Olympia, WA, and two other members, Robert J. Fechtner and his girlfriend Cassie L. Hickam,  were later arrested for attempted bribery of witnesses. Recently they have been tied to members of American Front such as Jake Laskey and Edward Mack AKA William Iron (singer Ironwill).

Hammerskins logo

Operation Werewolf

Neo-Nazi group Operation Werewolf’s logo

Operation Werewolf (OWW), run by Paul Waggener, gets its name from the guerilla German resistance force organized by Hitler in 1944, during the decline of Nazi control. OWW is a stragtegic feeder group for the Neo-Masculine Fascist group Wolves of Vinland (WoV). Wolves of Vinland is based on the  fascist theories of Julius Evola. Operation Werewolf has members in Oregon and  have connections to American Front via Jake and Gabriel Laskey as shown in the photos below.

Jake Laskey and brother Gabriel Laskey, wearing Pacific Northwest Wolfclan gear.
American Front Endorsing Pacific Northwest Wolfclan over Twitter.

Greystorm Productions LLC

American Front and Greystorm Productions media. They are essentially the same organization, with the same members.

Wolfclan Armory

Wolfclan Armory, 287 South Front St., Creswell, OR 97426
Unknown (Info needed)

Final Word

Jake Laskey and his crew have been very busy rebuilding the American Front in the Pacific NW, and have been building a substantial network of members and allies, along with a troubling system of income and branding through merchandise sales distributed through Greystorm Productions LLC. American Front has a very violent and deadly history and must be stopped.

  If you have any further information regarding American Front please contact Pacific Northwest Anti-Fascist Workers Collective at or Eugene Antifa at

In Solidarity,

Eugene Antifa

[Updated] Help Victims of White Nationalist Violence

On Sunday, August 6, 2017, radicalized alt-right, white nationalists rallied in Portland, Oregon with the intent to spread hateful rhetoric and assault community advocates for equity and justice. During the rally, several activists were targeted and assaulted resulting in numerous injuries including: concussions, facial fractures, a dislocated knee, and multiple lacerations and contusions of varying severity. The goal of this fundraiser is to assist in medical and health costs incurred by the victims. Monies raised will go towards covering the costs of ambulance use, emergency room visits, CAT scans & x-rays, surgery, prescriptions, and any additional needed treatment and costs including physical therapy. Thank you for supporting those who often risk their own safety as they confront creeping fascism in effort to secure a racist and fascist free future. An injury to one is an injury to all!

Funded Justice Donations Page

FundRazr Donations Page Donations Page

Statement on Jeremy Christian and What You Can Do to Help the 5/26 Heroes

No words can do justice to the shock and horror we all feel towards the slayings of 5/26. Our hearts go out to the two selfless heroes who lost their lives, and to the third who was nearly fatally wounded. All of whom, in a single decisive moment, laid their lives on the line in order to make a stand against hatred and white supremacy in our community.

As for the assailant, he is a monster and a terrorist. His only motive was his toxic hatred, which has caused untold suffering to the families and loved ones of those he so brazenly murdered.

We should take a moment to also remember that he is not a one-off aberration, but rather a member of a hardcore coalition representing only the most repugnant, backward values; which happily resorts to horrifying violence in order to realize those values.

As a community, we cannot let our guard down.  Louis Brandeis said that sunlight is the best disinfectant, and the only way to disinfect our community from hate is to bring it to light .

Therefore, in light of this tragic event, the PNWAWC reaffirms its commitment to outing and exposing those elements in our community who would do harm to innocent people because of their race, religion, gender, sexual orientation or ethnicity.

In Solidarity,


PS – Please consider making a contribution to one of the fundraising efforts below. All proceeds will go to the families of the heroes of 5/26. We do not have any ties to them, but we are confident in their intent.  Thank you.

Muslims Unite for Portland Heroes

Tri-Met Hero Recovery

Girls Who Survived The MAX attack

Tri-Met Heroes

[UPDATED Link Fixed] Help Support Comrades Arrested 4/2 Fighting Trump

On Sunday, April 2nd, comrades from Olympia Antifa were arrested in an anti-Trump counter-demonstration in Vancouver, WA. They are currently being held on $4,500 bail at the Clark County Jail, and desperately need funds to secure their release.
All arrestees have been detained on non-violent misdemeanor charges, and the reason for the exorbitant cost of the bond may be partially the fault of the local bail bonds company, whose ownership itself appears to be comprised of unapologetic Trump Supporters and white nationalists.

The fundraising page is located at here. Any amount will be very much appreciated.

In solidarity,

Miss. Klan Leader Steven Howard spreading hate in Portland, OR area

Local Klan leaders Steven and Kimberly Howard (née Finstad). Currently employed with Comcast Contractors

Steven and Kimberly Howard:

Fairway Village Golf Course
3004 SE Balboa Drive
Vancouver, WA 98683


Steven’s Employer: Comcast Contractors

When a self-proclaimed “celebrity” for the KKK moves to the Pacific Northwest and thinks he’s going to start a Washington Chapter of the Klan what you gonna do? Bust him of course.

Steven Shane Howard, formerly of Tupelo, Mississippi now resides at 3004 SE Balboa Drive Vancouver, WA 98683 inside Fairway Village Golf Course (360-254-9325) in a home owned by Donald and Elise Schmidt. Steven moved to the area to marry his now wife, Kimberly (Finstad) Howard, who is also…. Surprise, surprise…. A White Supremacist (and lives at the same address).

Ray Schneider, Klan Member. Employed at Bowflex/Nautilus in Vancouver, WA

While they have attended rallies together elsewhere (Pennsylvania), the March 4th Lake Oswego Trump rally was their first attempt at “coming out” here in the PNW. Flanked by their good friend Raymond Schneider (Washougal, WA), Steven and Kimberly attempted to spread their hate to the general public.

Steven was to be featured in the upcoming (now cancelled) TV show, Generation KKK and can be found in YouTube videos and articles with a simple search.

All three should be assumed armed and have a propensity for violence.